Shopping Policy Analyst (Polymer, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript)


Shopping Policy Analyst (Polymer, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript)

Duration: 2 months

Location: Lupfig (canton of Aargau)

Workload: 100%

Language: English

Job description:
Help company’s engineers migrate an important internal tool to Polymer 3 and TypeScript 3.2. You will work side-by side with experienced full-time software engineers using modern web technologies, and learn about company’s internal infrastructure, build systems, and culture.


    • Extend and improve Jasmine and Karma Unit tests to asses the successful migration to Polymer 3 and make the components more robust
    • Work directly with the engineering team and provide feedback on modernizing and improving the current front-end code base
    • Investigate best practices around the creation, structuring and maintenance of a large web application
    • Successfully migrate Polymer 2 files JavaScript components to Polymer 3 in TypeScript
    • Split original Polymer 2 files into HTML and TypeScript parts
    • Convert contained JavaScript code to TypeScript


    • University Degree or equivalent
    • Experience with Polymer, HTML, JavaScript or TypeScript

We offer you a competitive salary and an interesting challenge in a well named company which will benefit your career

If you are the person we’re looking for please submit your application. We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

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