Switzerland excels at delivering innovative high value products to the wider world and this shows in the quality and number of major Life Sciences organisations here. 

We have been successfully working with many of these organisations over the last 20 years and are dedicated to winning the talent war in this complex and diverse market.

Our approach

Our knowledge and approach to identifying skilled professionals, both in Switzerland and internationally, is key to our on-going success in this exciting sector.

Our areas of expertise are in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Bioengineering and Medical Devices




Given the complexity and scale of this industry, our clients face enormous challenges in identifying experts with the right skillset. Our teams specifically deliver highly skilled experts in the following areas: Research & Development, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Clinical Trials and Product Compliance.

Biotechnology & Bioengineering

The Biotech and Bioengineering sectors are experiencing tremendous growth as the worldwide demand for vaccines and cutting-edge technology increases. We support organisations- large and small, global and local- in acquiring the very best expert talent and leaders in areas such as Bioinformatics, Research & Development, Production, Safety and Bioengineering.



Medical Devices

The development, production and durability of medical devices demand a wide array of experts across the field; subsequently, we are always looking for talented professionals. We have spent many years supporting organisations in Switzerland, in sourcing and delivering across the spectrum. Our specialist teams provide expertise in areas as diverse as IT, Research, Product Development and Design, Manufacture and Quality & Compliance.

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